Get Naked


It’s time to strip down and get completely naked, Adam and Eve style. I don’t mean alone, it’s best if you do it in front of someone else who has never seen you nude. I know, I know, everything will be exposed. Every nook and cranny, imperfect angle, scar and bruise will be left wide open for speculation. While being naked in front of others is a walk in the park for those who have truly embraced every inch of their body, however, for others it could be comparative to a horror story, horrifying. It requires confidence, trust, a high level of comfort, and vulnerability to reveal yourself in your purest form.

In my first That Water Love post, I shared my thoughts and intimate feelings about my greatest love affair. This was no easy feat, in fact, it was incredibly scary.  I first had to get naked to see the woman who I was in order, to work on the woman I wanted to become. For clarification, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with taking off your clothes.  Rather, it has everything to do with stripping down emotional barriers and allowing the person you are to be truly seen. Often times it seems like you’re walking around in your friendships/relationships constantly bumping heads and running across the same issues over and over. You want to receive real but don’t want to give real. I don’t mean you’re not being authentic, it’s just that you’re not bringing your full self to the table. You can’t expect to build something long-lasting and genuine when you aren’t vulnerable. You’re not willing to go beyond the surface but you desire closeness and a deep connection with someone.  Repeat that last line to yourself and think about it. That means taking a look at yourself and getting comfortable enough to not only discuss your great attributes, but also your painful moments, past hurts, mistakes, current trials and things that have affected your life-the things that make you who you are.

You fail to realize that others can see through your barricades if they have a great sense of discernment. Consequently, a surface type of relationship never reaches its greatest potential. Your lack of vulnerability and the emotional wall you built can be perceived as a lack of trust. Unfortunately, someone’s natural reaction might be to mistrust you as well. Think about all of your relationships. Reflect on those that are most meaningful to you. More than likely, you and that person know each other inside out, good or bad and accept each other without judgment.

It’s time to strip down and change some of your relationships that have been unexplainably stagnant. It’s time to strip down and let that person you adore see your bruises and scars.  It’s time to strip down and expose some skin. Take into consideration that when you show vulnerability it will potentially help break down walls, increase the sense of comfort and open the door for the other person to show themselves to you as well. Until you are comfortable with showing someone what’s underneath your clothes, deep within, it can be difficult to build intimate and meaningful relationships.

So are you ready to take those clothes off? Someone is waiting to see you naked.


11 thoughts on “Get Naked”

  1. I love it! It’s funny, I’ve written and often made the same reference of exposing yourself, naked and bare for all too see and judge, the thought alone is scary but your words are oh so true. I have been pondering on my relationships throughout the years, questioning what I could have done differently and which just weren’t meant to be. I forget with the unveiling of the truth comes a since of freedom. Your words just reminded me how good it feels to be…Free! Thanks for adding value and changing someone’s heart Sis! ❤️


    1. Thank you so much Tiffany! You’re absolutely right, there’s a freedom that comes with being authentic and vulnerable with others. I’m so glad you enjoyed, your words are encouraging to my heart. Let’s continue to free ourselves!


  2. Again, you have managed to get readers thinking and challenged us to “get real and give real”. Both take courage. Thanks for having the courage to help
    others understand true intimacy and the strength it can give. Great job!


    1. Thanks Margo for your words of encouragement! I’m glad that this blog challenges others to really be transparent with others because it definitely takes courage. As I learn about myself and ways to make this life journey easier it’s my responsibility to share what I’ve learned. I greatly appreciate you continuous support.


  3. I love this post, thank you for sharing. It’s such an inspiration to hear these words that allow me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am glad to have to opportunity to have such a positive for in my life. Thank you for your heartfelt wisdom and care that you share with me and the world.


  4. Wow! This post is amazing in so many ways. I was just writing about this topic. Amazing so proud of you. “Help me be me and only see you…let me decrease and glorify you” a line by Jonathan Mcreynolds and so fits the topic of getting naked. Getting naked in front of God is hard but so worth it and makes it easier to be yourself in a relationship. Again AMAZING!!!!


    1. Thank you Tati! Thank you for sharing that song with me because it does tie into the message. You really hit the head on the nail because being vulnerable to God really does prepare you to date someone else. Thanks again for checking out my blog. I am blessed to have your continued support.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post. It’s taken some time and work for me to be vulnerable and intimate with others. However, once I reached that point it allowed me to have more deep and meaningful relationships as well as love myself.


    1. You’re very welcome Lana! Getting naked takes time and it can be a scary process being transparent with others but you’re right the end results are so rewarding! I’m so glad you’ve given yourself the chance to build healthy relationships and a strong love for self. I wish you continued success in developing meaningful relationships. Thank you for taking time out to visit my blog and check it out every other Monday.


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