Redefined Taste Buds


Taste buds have a pretty amazing function within the human body. Unfortunately, my taste buds don’t tell me if the food I’m eating is healthy and will benefit me long-term, they only signal my sensors to tell me whether I like it or not. I’ve began to face new challenges with my health, and ultimately look at my favorite foods differently. About 3 months ago, I went to the doctor for a checkup and when the results came back I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. I was concerned because a problem as such can lead to heart problems among other health issues. I began researching different foods that can reduce my cholesterol, benefit my well-being and help fight against certain health issues. As a result, I started making fruit and vegetable smoothies and experimenting with foods that were not my favorites, like berries, flax seeds, spinach, kale and even started drinking green tea. But get this, not one of the foods I listed tastes good to me. In fact, I hate the taste of all of them but I found a way to disguise the taste and even enjoy these foods. I love what they’re doing for my body and that’s what matters the most. I’ve learned to be more aware of the various risks associated with some of my beloved foods. With knowledge, time, readjustments and discipline, I’ve learned to redefine my taste buds to like foods that I never cared for in order to be in good health.

I’ve had to redefine my taste buds in other areas as well. This past Friday, I was at the gym and a woman asked me why I was working out on a Friday night. She was shocked that I wasn’t out on a date somewhere or better yet not going steady with anyone at all. She confidently told me that the reason I’m not dating simply couldn’t be that I’m not attracting guys and that couldn’t be the reason I was there at the gym with her on a Friday night. My exact explanation to her was, “I’ve made some really bad decisions in guys whom I decided to date in the past and ultimately it was a bad reflection of me and my decision-making skills. As a result, I’m just going to be still until God makes it clear as day on who I should date.” I haven’t been the most successful in dating but, I’ve been working on changing my taste buds within my romantic relationships. In the past, I had a taste for guys with edge, guys that were emotionally unavailable, guys that were womanizers and the list goes on. Don’t ask me why but almost every guy I’ve dated in the past pretty much fits this exact description. If I was to compare the guys I dated to food, it was like eating cupcakes. They were deliciously sweet and I got a quick sugar fix but they were detrimental. Health wise, these same cupcakes caused so much stress and heart ache. If I would’ve went to a love doctor about my relationships I’m sure the report would come back that my calorie intake and sugar levels were extremely high. I also imagine that the doctor would tell me that whatever I’m eating I need to get rid of as soon as possible and begin a more disciplined diet and lifestyle. Long story short, from my experiences with unhealthy relationships, I’ve learned what I need in a potential partner. I took time out to truly understand who I am and what I require to operate in a healthy and long-lasting relationship. For instance, I’m a strong communicator, I feel like communicating is equivalent to breathing, I can’t live without it. Knowing and understanding that about myself, dating someone who doesn’t like to talk much or express themselves would literally be a recipe for disaster. Additionally, I’m honest and transparent with any and every one I meet. I’m that person who will tell you the good and the bad about myself even if it’s uncomfortable for me. Knowing that about myself, I recognize it wouldn’t be healthy for me to date someone who is secretive and not comfortable being open in a relationship. Understanding what works for me helps me recognize the type of man who would be a healthy choice. I’m growing and realizing it’s deeper than what’s appealing to my taste buds, it’s about having a healthy heart. A healthy heart not only benefits myself but it benefits everyone around me because I can pour into others in a healthy way as well. I can only do that by continuing to redefine my taste buds.

Next time you want to take a bite out of that delectable looking cupcake turn it down and look for some kale or spinach. It doesn’t sound as appealing but I guarantee you it’ll make you feel better in the long run. Take a closer look at your diet, the things you put in your body, mind and soul, or what you perceive to taste good and reflect on whether they’re worth it in the end. Ask yourself, are these things that taste great to me healthy for me? Lastly, fill in the blank:

If I continue to indulge in (insert name of bad food, friend, boyfriend or habit), this will affect my future (insert How?)


7 thoughts on “Redefined Taste Buds”

  1. This absolutely was my favorite post!!! Loved how you were able to create synonymical comparisons from two experiences most people would think had noting in common!! Can’t say this enough, I am immensely proud of you!


  2. Loved everything about this post! This has to be my favorite so far. I loved how you were able to make a synonymical comparison of two experiences most people would think had no relation. i can not say this enough… I am immensely proud of you!

    P.S for some reason my first post never posted!


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