I’m  Worth It.

I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime getting rejected as it relates to relationships. None of them have ever worked out in my favor (or so I thought). While I’ve always known that there was something special about me but still I felt the need to prove it to men. I constantly went the extra mile but never got it in return. Like, it was two of us traveling together but somehow I always felt alone. I was alone. There I was, proving I’m worthy to someone not so worthy. I made it easy for men to not to put in any work or effort because they knew I’d do both of our parts to keep us together. That’s unhealthy & damaging.
The truth is, a real man will see you for the woman you are & how worthy you are of all his affections. He will not allow you to be in love alone or capitalize on your weaknesses. He will seek you out & work for your heart. The two of you will work together, as a team.You will bathe in confidence because of his unrelentless desire to always show you (through actions) that you’re worth it & so much more.

But first, it starts with you. Knowing your worth it, is something that begins within. When you know how valuable you are as the woman you were created to be, you will stop forcing others to see it in you.

Worthy am I & so are you, sis.

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