She was unapologetic. 

As it pertained to love,
When I wasn’t confident in who I was, it showed. You could probably smell it from a mile away too. Insecurity has a strong stinch & it’s like light to a moth because it can attract the wrong attention (but that’s another post).

If I liked you, I wasn’t just bending backwards for you, I was bending my standards too. I was willing to lower my expectations all to experience “love” & to be loved.

However, things change when you find & create yourself. With love, you quit living to satisfy those who don’t matter & you realize those that matter will be attracted to who you are, like a magnet. Because being confident in who you are is magnetic. It’s powerful and infectious.

& with this confidence, you become unapologetic.  Unapologetic in who you were created you to be, what you’ll accept as a woman, your quirks & the qualities that make you unique. You become comfortable in being the dope woman you’ve always been deep down inside, but now you’ve begin to embrace it & let the world see you for you.

Unapologetically you.

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