Every Good Man, is not Your Good Man

Can you pray for a dope man that wasn’t designed to be your husband to be great for someone else?
I met a super cool dude. He had a lot of great qualities and I’m pretty sure he’s going to make his future wife a happy woman one day. He asked about dating me and while he’s a great guy there was a conflict of interest & I knew we wouldn’t work. Nonetheless, he’s still a good man & I can’t take that away from him. So I challenged myself to pray for him, pray for him in preparation for his wife. Pray for him that in the right timing she shows up. Crazy, eh?!

When someone comes in your life, it’s not always about what’s in it for you. We’re so used to trying to figure out what we can get out of the deal for self but can we be in a position where we will not gain a thing  and instead have the opportunity to bless someone else, a man specifically, through our unselfishness & geniune prayers?

I could’ve wasted his time. I could’ve dated him to have something to do. I could’ve dealt with him because he’s a good guy & who turns those down, right?! It’s not that I’m so high & mighty, its because I know what it feels like to be used.

I challenge you & myself as single women to not be opportunist but instead be our brother’s keeper in which we pray for them to have the best, even if it’s not us.

Ladies, let’s not use the very same men we are expecting not to use us. Life aint always about   ME, there’s way more fulfillment in WE

2 thoughts on “Every Good Man, is not Your Good Man”

  1. Wow! This is some GREAT perspective! I never even looked at it that way; definitely gives me something to think about. Thanks for the insight!

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