The “Real” Power Couple

At one point I believed that a “power couple” was defined by status, money, career & what society calls success. 
In the past few years, my thoughts & beliefs have completely changed on what a true “power couple” means to me. I realized that the greatest power as a couple is in our ability to slay & pray together in the spirit. To interceed on behalf of others together. To fast together. To sacrifice ourselves in order for certain breakthroughs to happen amongst us, our family & friends. To spread love to others & speak God’s truth. To show compassion to the lost, underprivileged & forgotten ones. To be witnesses, to be humbled servants & to live a life dedicated to the betterment of all people, shining our light. Bright. Forever.
That is POWER.
I could care less about what society deems as a power couple or relationship goals. Those things can come & go, it’s our inner man that will stay. At the end of the day, I just wanna know can we go to war together in the spirit or nah? Because that my friend is my definition of a “power couple.”

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