Play Little for No One

Last weekend after a concert, I had a great conversation with my uber driver, a Black Educated man & it left me with sweet reflections.

We both talked about what we do professionally etc. & after I told him, he said wow you do A LOT, I’m sure it’s hard dating as that probably intimidates a lot of men. I’m sure dealing with you they have to have their stuff together. I told him actually it’s not intimidating to the right like minded men & I’ve met some dope men who aren’t intimidated. In fact, they love it & I’ve come to a place in which ambitious men don’t scare me. I love their ambition. This year that’s one thing I appreciate that I haven’t had to be anything less than who I am & with that, men have reminded me, as my father does regularly, that I’m strong. I used to think my strong personality would scare men off but I love the revelation I shared last night & experienced this year that my strength isn’t intimidating & its actually quite beautiful.

I say all this to say, Be You. It’ll filter out those who aren’t for you & attract those who can handle you. Play little for NO ONE.

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