Date. Different.

I’m not used to dating a man

 Who opens my doors

Who asks questions about me, instead of me asking about them all the time

Who listens attentively to everything I say

Who pays close attention to who I am and what I like

Who seeks to understand me, not to manipulate

Who looks for ways to make life easier for me

Who admires how strong and beautiful I am

Who treats me with the utmost respect

Who likes me for me and it’s not about what he can get out of the deal, like sex

I’ll admit, I was ignorant. I was under the impression that people don’t leave bad situations because they don’t want to, however, I’ve learned that people may not leave because being treated good is uncomfortable. As I’ve begin to experience what it feels like to be cared for, it makes me cringe. One side of me enjoys feeling special. On the flip side, being treated with such kindness has challenged my old beliefs and thoughts. That’s what happens when you Date.Different. I constantly remind myself that I am worthy of a man that’s gentle with my heart. I will embrace the discomfort and face my feelings. The only way to get comfortable is to sit through being uncomfortable.  

Being unappreciated never felt good, still I accepted it because I feared doing things that went against my norm. We fear what’s on the other side of what we don’t know because it just may not feel right. When you’re being challenged to do something different that’s for your growth, open your hands to receive it because feelings can be misleading. Fight your feelings oftentimes, to receive the best for yourself all the time. Date. Different. As it pertains to love, accept the kindness you’ve never received. Accept the kindness you never imagined getting or thought you were worthy enough to obtain. It requires that you are willing to experience something new and adjust along the way. Date.Different.  Be open. Be flexible. Be ready to cringe, because in the end, being treated well was always for you, it was just waiting for you to be ready for it.

So yes, your kindness makes me uncomfortable, still, I will fight how I’m feeling until I’m comfortable.

And Date. Different.


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