No Mixin’ & Mingling

Last year, after spending some time healing & investing in myself selfishly I decided that I would be open to dating and meeting new guys. I understood my unhealthy dating patterns. I restructured my thoughts, adjusted and redefined what type of love I wanted to experience. I quit just saying it but I began to treat myself in a way that would attract it. I told God send me some dope men to engage with and a few came.

Those moments were valuable experiences, however, this year I told God something totally different and it’s crazy because I’m about to put it all out there! One of my prayer partners Tiniesha was praying over me one night and she said to God “hide her, don’t let any man have an eye for her except her husband.” Wait?! Whatt! (Funny because I wrote a poem over a year ago about being hidden). You mean no one will look at me foreal foreal until it’s my husband? Tough. But moving forward that has been my sentiment. I’m in this season of pouring into myself, my purpose and dreams relentlessly, I’m not interested in mixing & mingling with every dope man that comes my way. I only want to be seen by Him when the time is right.

My time is valuable. Who I create memories with is valuable. Who I entertain is a serious matter because my heart, my mind, my soul,my spirit yeah that’s all serious and I don’t take those things lightly.

So naw, you won’t see me mixing & mingling with dope men to fill my time or have companionship. I’ll be spending my days working unto the Lord with a big ol’ koolaid smile on my face & hidden boo.

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