I Will Not Use Men

I will not use men.

Not for dates.
Not for attention.                                                                                                                              Not for security.
Not for conversation.
Not to fill voids.
Not to stroke my ego.
Not to feel beautiful.
Not for money.
Not to occupy lonely moments.
Not for relief.
Not for sex.
Not as a trophy.
Not to heal my brokeness.
Not to feel worthy.
Not to feel chosen.
Not to feel complete.
Not to soothe my feelings of rejection.
Not for love.
Not for companionship.

I will not make void fillers out my beautiful brothers. I will not. I can be happy, whole & complete not at their expense.

Because if I love them like I say I do, their hearts, minds, bodies & spirits matter too. Even if they don’t realize it, yet.

This is for those of us single girls who need the encouragement.

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