My Greatest Love Affair


I’ve always known I wanted to become a writer since I was in grade school. Back then my childhood friend Tyra and I wrote motivational poems dedicated to young girls and recited them to each other daily with such enthusiasm. That’s when I discovered how passionate I am about expressing myself through words and how powerful the tongue is. I wanted to share that same power with others so they could feel it too.

So I decided to write about my greatest love affair thus far. It started years ago with who I’ll call Lover. Lover and I knew each other since we were young. We went through many ups and downs, seems like more downs than ups. I learned that sometimes Lover wasn’t faithful, committed or loyal to me. At times, shoot, Lover didn’t even respect me or see my worth. Lover knew right from wrong but tended to do wrong because it seemed more convenient. On many occasions Lover emotionally abused me and made me feel absolutely worthless. Although Lover meant well, sometimes actions didn’t reflect it.

You see the greatest love affair has been with myself. I failed to be faithful to myself many times, yet from it I learned how to love myself better. How? Well, at some point in my life, I chose to follow the crowd instead of lead them. I abandoned my beliefs to fit in with the world’s. I chose convenience over doing right because it seemed more appealing. I thought and spoke negativity into my life. I was fickle with my spirituality and consulted with God only when I needed him. Most of the time, you get caught up in your affairs and you’re forced to face the reality of it all. That’s what happened to me. From the constant affairs I had with myself, I saw the truth and learned how to be stronger, wiser, and smarter. I learned to always speak life to others and myself. I learned to talk to God when things were going good and bad. To stick to my faith and not let anyone take me away from it or what I stand for. I learned that if I don’t respect myself neither will others, people decide how they will treat you based on how you treat yourself. I learned to let my actions do all the talking rather than my mouth. From all of my mistakes, I learned what self-love really looked like.

I say all this to say, it’s time to be your best love affair. Love her, the woman inside. Embrace her for all of her past mistakes and Love her enough to work daily to avoid making them again. Believe in her to create the best future for herself. Love her enough to purposely avoid and remove people and things that don’t benefit her well-being. Love her immensely. Love her passionately. Be faithful, committed, and loyal to her. Most importantly, Love her now, because you only get one shot to create your greatest love affair of all.

So you ask why I decided to blog, because I’m passionate about spreading ‘that water love’ and I might as well tell you how this love affair began…


14 thoughts on “My Greatest Love Affair”

  1. Aneesha this is such a great read and the start of something wonderful! I’m so happy your relationship with the Lord is closer than ever. This is very encouraging! Can’t wait for more 😚


  2. What a fantastic way to start the new year! Yessss honey!!!! You better write!!!!! Words can not express how proud of you I am. I love how abstract this is and how it takes you on a journey! Of course the picture is amazing in how it connects to, “My Greatest Love Affair!” Everything about your first entry defines so much about you and your experiences. I am thoroughly impressed and look forward to following you on this journey!!! The best is yet to come…..New year, new journey!!! Get it girl!!!!! xoxo


  3. Awesome-ness! That was beautiful AND . . . I can so “dig it”!! 🙂
    Don’t tell anyone Neesha, but I’m about to do this rebound love thing with . . . myself! Thank you! Be blessed and anointed as you keep using your pen!


    1. Great job! You have used an intriguing perspective. I look forward to reading more about this essential love relationship. Thank you for sharing your gift.


  4. Girrrrrrl, this is off the chain. I am so dang proud of you, I can’t say it enough. There is NOTHING like the discovery of loving, celebrating, and enjoying you some YOU. Keep moving forward. God has the bestest kinda stuff in store for you sis. You inspire me!


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