Dear Rejection, Thank You

Life is about perception. We perceive situations as obstacles when sometimes they’re  a vehicle to our blessing. When you experience rejection it’s natural to feel neglected, unwanted, and frustrated. Often times, we think that blessings come easy without a fight, meaning we weren’t prepared to struggle to get to this so-called blessing. I’ve realized to receive what God has for you, sometimes you have to face a few rejections. For instance, when I think of my life, I want more… more happiness, more love, more opportunities to advance in my career, more money, just more everything. I definitely wouldn’t think God was blessing me if I was constantly denied these things. I would feel rejected.  Therefore, a blessing could never come in the form of rejection, right? Or maybe, just maybe, I perceived it as being denied when the blessing was in the rejection.

In the past, I always thought that rejection was negative.  Years ago, after graduating from Hampton University with a degree in Advertising and Marketing, I  planned to begin my career in corporate America.  I expected to land a full-time job with a Fortune 100 company making good money but that wasn’t the case. For almost two years, I settled for internships with two different companies. I believed I wasn’t good enough to work a full-time position and I was therefore unhappy.  After the internships ended, I worked 3 part-time jobs, as a shampoo girl, sales associate and substitute teacher. I didn’t believe any of those jobs were my calling so during that time I was pretty depressed. I felt incompetent and unqualified. I applied to many entry-level positions in Marketing and was turned down by all of them. This was one of the most difficult times in my life, because I felt totally rejected by God, I thought he turned his back on me and didn’t care about my future. It’s funny what I perceived as rejection was a vehicle to my blessing. What I considered settling was actually taking me closer to one of my future achievements. How? At my internship, I met my best friend and we began a business together.  Now, I work for a Fortune 100 organization in corporate America in Human Resources where I get to help college graduates get their first job. It’s amazing how the tables have turned. The experience I gained at those two internships helped me get my first position with my current employer. I realized that these hardships were the perfect set up for long-term happiness, growth and success.  When I look back at that moment, I felt hopeless, but in retrospect I learned to be unassuming and humble. God was preparing me for my purpose and still is. He had a specific path designed for me and if I didn’t go through those obstacles I wouldn’t have been appreciative of my current state. There’s a great story behind my career and I don’t take for granted the job I have today. I still face certain challenges that I could easily perceive as rejection but I know they’re instrumental to my destination.

Roadblocks are only barriers if you perceive them as barriers.  It’s a blessing when you’re rejected from that man or woman, job or opportunity that would’ve carried you away from your rightful path.  Rejection is a vehicle to your blessing. You aren’t being denied, in fact, you’re being re-directed. There’s something great waiting for you and it may require a few stops before you get to it. Embrace that most of the time you’re rejected not because you’re the worst but because you deserve the very best. I dare you next time you feel rejected to smile at yourself and say Dear Rejection, thank you.



8 thoughts on “Dear Rejection, Thank You”

  1. “…you’re being redirected” is an excellent way to look at the roadblocks we face on this journey. I’m certain, by sharing your experiences, many people will be blessed and encouraged to keep going forward and know our steps are directed by a loving God. Keep sharing His love.


    1. Thank you so much for reading and I do plan on writing a book in the future! This post is a special one for me and I hope for others as well. Often times we believe we’re being rejected but we’re being set up for something better. I hope you continue to visit my blog and subscribe if you want to receive an email every time I post. Thank you again for your support!


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