Imagine having a crowded closet full of all your favorite clothes and shoes. Over the years, you’ve become attached to these items even though you’ve outgrown them or they are not in the same great state of quality they once were. Nonetheless, they’re your favorite articles so removing them isn’t an option. The problem is obvious, there’s a need for a new wardrobe yet there’s no room for it to happen until you do some thorough Spring Cleaning.  Well it’s the same way with people. It’s safe to say that at some point in time you had someone toxic in your life whether it was a friend or significant other that was simply taking up valuable space in your life. Although you cared for them, the time and energy you dedicated towards building a healthy relationship with them was no longer beneficial. Most importantly, there is absolutely no space for healthy relationships.  You’re hoarding people who negatively impact your life. It’s time for you to purposely remove them from your life. Below are a few reasons why:

1. You’ve Evolved- As you get older your habits, experiences, values and character typically evolve as well. As you change, sometimes you outgrow people and you no longer have some of the same things in common or can relate as you once did. It can be difficult to step back from someone you’ve grown with especially when you’ve developed a strong bond but you will begin to clash because your lives have gone in two different directions. Get rid of the people you’ve outgrown they no longer fit your lifestyle. The sooner the better.

2. You’re Unequally Yoked- Everyone that you are connected with shouldn’t look, think and act exactly like you. It’s good to have a diverse set of people in your life which can make you more cultured and expand your horizons in various ways. But it is a bad idea to faithfully hang out with individuals that completely contradict your lifestyle and values. We are all called to be light among darkness which we should be but when we go from being influential to being highly influenced instead, you are unequally yoked. Unless we are acting as a mentor or witness to someone who is in a different phase in life, it’s best to let them go.

3.You Need to Replenish- When you continuously have the same people around it’s convenient and easy to always be surrounded by them but it leaves little to no room for anyone new to come into your life. This thought is pretty simple, remove so God can replenish.

4. Your Habits Can Be Broken-Once you acknowledge that you have a bad habit, you’ve only fought half the battle. You can be around someone who enables or feeds into your habit and that’s debilitating. Even if that person isn’t outwardly supporting your habit you can feel comfortable enough to repeatedly do it around them and in that sense you’re not growing as an individual. In order for certain habits to die, certain relationships may have to die as well.

When you think about hoarders, normally you think about people who collect an excessive amount of stuff and have a difficult time throwing it away. Truthfully, you can hold on to unhealthy people in the same manner, fearful to let them go. Hoarding is a serious condition that can have a bad impact on your life. An unhealthy person can be like your outgrown or worn out clothes. Yes, your favorite hat makes you feel good when you wear it and has sentimental meaning behind it. Yes, you’ve had it for a while yet in actuality it’s worn down and takes away from your appearance every time you wear it. Kicking your hoarding problem can be a process but disconnecting yourself from negative people will be well worth it in the end. There are fruitful relationships, meaningful connections and lifelong friendships waiting for you. All you need is discipline, strength, willpower and an appetite to change. Your future is depending on you.

Are you hoarding outgrown or worn out people? If so, out with the old and in with the new.


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