Dear Daughter, A Letter to My Unborn Child

Dearest daughter, you don’t exist yet but I think about you often. You have not been formed in my womb but you’re in my mind and heart already. I’ve come to understand how deep generational blessings and curses are and while I can’t control everything that happens in your life, I desire to protect you as best as possible. I didn’t always have this perspective because up until now thoughts of your conception were not pertinent in my life at the moment. I never thought about you or your needs but your existence is important as you will reap the seeds sown from decisions I make today. Life was all about me but now I’m learning that it’s really not.

I’d be foolish to think that all that matters is what’s going on right here and right now. While being with a man who is handsome, nicely dressed and has a stable job sounds great, those things can fade away but his heart, soul, character and who he is at the core will impact our bloodline.  Dear future daughter, not only will your father mold you but he will shape our granddaughters, great granddaughters and future generations. I am responsible for the legacy I leave with you. It is my duty to keep you in mind as I procreate life with someone and I am in complete control of whom I marry. With that being said, nothing I do from this point on is just about me.

You see daughter, I want your father to hold you with the highest regard and help build your self-esteem. I want him to show you that you’re worthy. I want your father to drop everything he’s doing to help you. Not just open doors and buy thoughtful gifts but also instill within you strong morals and values that remain with you for a lifetime. I want your father to show you that men shouldn’t disrespect women through their words and actions. I want your father to be an honest and genuine man with integrity. I want your father to show you what it means to be a man of faith who wholeheartedly loves God. I want your father to exhibit how a man should treat a woman by the example he sets in how he treats me. I want our love to exude in all that we do, that even you feel it and you’re inspired to duplicate our love and settle for no less in a man.

I am willing to set aside my momentarily feelings to be held, kissed and courted by the wrong man because I have you in mind. I am willing to disregard men who undress me with their eyes and admire my curvy backside. I refuse to return to past lovers who seek to waste my time in an effort to stroke their ego. I am willing to take my time to get to know a guy for you. I will no longer feed my cravings for companionships that lack purpose or power. I have decided to abstain from sex and avoid creating any more soul ties until your father makes me his wife. I am willing to spend countless nights alone in my bed for you.

I never knew someone that doesn’t exist yet would mean so much to me, but you do daughter. I never knew someone that doesn’t exist yet would inspire me to love myself relentlessly, but you do daughter. I never knew someone that doesn’t exist yet would force me to exercise so much discipline, but you do daughter.

You mean the world to me. A world you have yet entered but I am now carefully preparing with great consideration, for you daughter.


4 thoughts on “Dear Daughter, A Letter to My Unborn Child”

  1. Dear Aneesha

    I really liked both this blog and the last one! Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom.


    Urmi 630 854 1424


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  2. Profound, heartwarming and you are truely speaking to each of us, to our souls purpose, as well as your unborn child. Sincerely grateful for coming across your beautiful blogs, well written and uniquely presented. Thank you for your perspective.


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