A Prayer for When God Removes Someone and You Don’t Understand

It’s hard to believe that God removes things and people from us because He loves us, but He does. Even when you don’t understand and you’re hurting, tell Him:

Thank you Lord
I can’t see or understand what you’re doing
but I trust you even in my pain
I know that even this loss is working out for my good
I can’t see the end result but you can
I believe that in the end it will be worth it
I know that you remove things when you need space for better things
Give me peace
Give me strength
Give me joy
Get me out of my feelings and flesh
Lead my spirit man instead
You have my best interest at heart, so have your way
In Jesus name

Know that even in your pain, God is orchestrating something special just for you. This isn’t a loss, He is setting you up to win.



4 thoughts on “A Prayer for When God Removes Someone and You Don’t Understand”

    1. As always, thank you for speaking your truth, Aneesha! This was a timely reminder that some people and things are removed to make way for better. I love sis and God bless you!

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