Who Holds You Accountable When You’re Having a Weak Moment?

For some odd reason, I’m convinced that our past lovers want us even more once we’re gone. I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s an opportunity to stroke their  ego and a challenge. Men love to hunt and conquer.

Well, I vividly remember an old flame reaching out to me on the late night tip after a year of not talking to each other. He made a sexual advance that was quite enticing and I turned it down. Can I be honest? Deep down inside I didn’t want to and my flesh was rising. I was on my way home when his text came through and I knew his house was on my way home. How convenient. What did I do? I called my accountability partner as it relates to men. I explained to her what was going on and asked her to stay on the phone with me so I would avoid taking the exit to homie’s house. It worked. I went straight home and all night I crossed my legs and prayed for God to keep me and he did. This has consistently been our routine whenever I get tempting calls, text, etc. and it keeps me out of trouble.

Moral of the story: Sometimes we think asking someone for help makes us weak but it doesn’t. We all need help in certain areas of our lives and I believe God uses people to help other people. It’s time to quit fighting this battle by yourself, find an accountability partner you can confide in and rely on to keep you committed to your goals.

Our strength lies within each other.




One thought on “Who Holds You Accountable When You’re Having a Weak Moment?”

  1. You are such a blessing, Aneesha! Thank you for sharing this post. I completely agree that exes, and other people that no longer should be in our lives, do seem to show more love when the relationship is over. I’ve always thought of it as a test of character. But, you so eloquently pointed out that it can be a call to reach out for the healthy supports in our loves. I love you sis and may God bless you.


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