A Prayer For the Workplace


Thank you for waking me up this morning

Thank you for blessing me with this job

Help me to be productive throughout the day

Help me to complete all of my task and deadlines

Help me to get along with management and all of my colleagues

Help me to work smart and efficiently

Give me wisdom and understanding in all that I do

Equip me with the skills to be successful and make a difference in this position and at this company

Quicken my mind and let me be slow to react to others in a negative manner

I pray you open doors for new opportunities

I pray for favor among those I know and don’t know yet

Help me to network with grace

Let me be a resource to others

I pray for a peaceful environment and I come against division

I rebuke the enemy and any attacks trying to deter me from being productive

I rebuke the spirit of belittling, bullying and harassing

Instead, there will be mutual respect between my colleagues and myself

I come against the spirit of laziness

Instead, give me a spirit of excellence

Help me to be accountable and honest in everything I do

Help me to use integrity in every decision I make

Help me to work as I am working unto you and not unto man

Prosper the works of my hands

I rebuke confrontation with others and help me not engage in gossip

Lead me, guide me and direct all of my steps

Cover me with your blood

I ask that where I am weak you make me strong

Lord, help me to do my job to the best of my abilities and give me the desire to always put forth my best efforts no matter the circumstances.

In Jesus name I pray




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