Don’t Break Others While You’re Broken

You had your heart broken.
Now it’s time to heal.
Now it’s time to pour into yourself.
Now it’s time to learn about real love.
Now it’s time to put yourself first.
And you can’t do those things by prematurely adding another love interest to the mix.
It’s not fair to them.
It’s not fair to your healing process.
You deserve the proper time to get better.
They deserve that you care enough about their well being to let them be.
I know the world tells you not to look out for others because you gotta watch out for yourself, right?
Wrong, be set apart.
Really live out the meaning of being cut from a different cloth.
Look out for your neighbor and don’t drown them as you’re trying to save yourself.

Be bold and courageous enough not to break others while you’re broken.


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