Idolizing Marriage

This is for my single ladies. While I’m content in my singleness, I didn’t always feel this way & I understand how it can be frustrating at times for some:

  • Eating alone.
  • Not having someone to call & share your day with.
  • Carrying groceries by yourself.
  • Cooking for one.
  • Wanting someone to take on the world with.
  • Just having some testerone around period.

But there’s always work to be done as a single woman. Marriage isn’t your final destination,  it’s a stop on your journey (if its in Gods will). Meaning there’s so much for you to accomplish in life, so many dreams ,so many goals for you to reach. While marriage will be a beautiful piece to your story, it’s not where life begins or ends. Try to calm any anxiety you have about being loved or married & get busy investing in you. It’s understandable to put your thoughts & concerns in reaching that moment when you can be called a wife & have a life partner, but get excited now about the many other great titles you can create for yourself too. You can be complete & whole & happy while single. Remember who you are & the greatness that’s within whether you have a ring on your finger or not. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being excited about one day being married but be careful in becoming obsessed & your whole world revolving around  the idea of marriage. If it’s meant to be, when it’s meant to be, it will be.

🌊Marriage is an addition to your happiness not completion to your wholeness.


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