She painted a picture of him, that wasn’t true.

In her mind

With her paintbrush

She painted a beautiful picture of him.
That he was going to be everything she needed.
That he was the one. Designed just for her.
Every stroke on him was perfect.

She painted over his excuses.
She painted over his lies.
She painted over all the red flags & signs.
She painted over the hurt.
She painted over the pain.
For in the end, she thought there would be a pretty picture to gain.

But there wasn’t, because she saw what she wanted to see, not his reality. This beautiful picture she painted was only in her head.

But who he truly is cannot be painted over.
What’s under the paint is always eventually revealed. So she learned to put the paintbrush down and only create pictures that were true.

This poem is about seeing people for who they are, not who we want them to be & not putting on blinders when we fall in love but still being able to separate our feelings from facts. 


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