A Prayer for My Future Husband

Right now, on vaca, I got the urge in all of my single girl glory to pray for my husband & share it with you. Here goes:
Lord, cover my husband with your blood.

Make him the head and not the tail.

Keep him above and not beneath.

Protect his heart, his mind and body.

Purify his thoughts, let him speak words of power, boldness and authority.

Let him walk with purpose and not be led by the world but instead be a light upon the world.

Strengthen him when he is weak and supply him with all his needs.

Keep him in company of those who love, care and support him.

Keep him out of harms way.

I know that great things await him and I ask that you write the vision for him and make it plain.

Lord, help him to be committed to you and your will.

I declare peace, joy and happiness over his life right now.

In Jesus name, cover my baby,Amen.


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