I Apologize.

I think when we’ve made a mistake and hurt someone, it can be rather difficult for some of us to say, “I messed up, I’m sorry for hurting you.”

Instead it’s easier to turn away, to ignore, to avoid or to defend yourself. It’s even easier to begin looking at what that person “supposedly” did wrong to ease the guilt you feel for “actually” being wrong, some may call this manipulation. Some may call it pride and some may call it discomfort with confrontation.

In the last month, I’ve pondered on how much COURAGE it takes to be VULNERABLE and I realized that’s what it really requires when you’ve messed up with someone is, authentic, honest, genuine vulnerability. While it can’t change your mistake, it has the ability and power to change the damaged relationship, and if the relationship can’t be reconciled, it has the power to change YOU and remind you of the great risk you take when you are fearful of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is a scary thing and it puts us ALL out there, naked and all. Yet let’s be more courageous and apologize. Let’s own our mistakes and take a risk, on healthier and more robust friendships/relationships/marriages.


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