God hid her.

She was continuously rejected.

She couldn’t understand why.

No one ever stuck around.

Always pointing the finger at herself.

But all along God was hiding her.

From harm seen & unseen.

For He knew her worth when she didn’t. 

Too precious was she for any ol’ body.

Especially a somebody who’d dim her light.

Especially a somebody who’d take her away from her purpose.

So He made them dodge her because He was saving her for His very best. 

The realest love she’d ever lay eyes on, sweet him. 

& it’d be worth being hidden. 

He’s hiding you.


4 thoughts on “God hid her.”

  1. First I just want to say you are a beautiful person! Your words in this blog could not be ever so true in this season for me! What a perfect time to come across this answer to my hearts cry and silent prayer! To be hidden and wrapped in God’s love until He sends me the man designed for me is misunderstood at times yet so valuable and safe to be. Thank you for this poem. I’ll never forget these words of remembrance and confirmation. Thank you Queen! 🙂

    -I Am Hidden!

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    1. Jamie, I’m so blessed to wake up to your heartfelt & honest message. Thank you!! I’m thankful God used my words to speak to you. I’ll tell you this, God got us. We’ll look back & be so grateful that He hid us. Its for our protection. Stay beautiful, stay encouraged &stay hidden in God’s arms.❤

      Sending lots of love your way, sis!


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